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Lido Lakes


Lido is a beautiful lake and the area has become a tourist spot for local communities or from outside the town of Sukabumi. Tourism is a mainstay of tourism here is water. On the edge of the lake, there are many tools that can be used for those who want menikamati beauty of the lake, for example, water bicycle, boat or a more unique and traditional is to use a raft made of bamboo. You can stop at a small island located in the middle of the lake to relax or ordering food. You can order a roasted corn and coconut on the island. You can enjoy the cool mountain air and fresh that will make you more pleasant atmosphere to relax at Lake Lido.

In addition, some facilities have been provided by the manager of Lido Lake as a place of fishing. For those of you who like fishing, this activity is certainly great fun to fish directly on the lake that many fish. You can also enjoy facilities for outbound at Lake Lido such as the Flying Fox is quite challenging.
Lido Lakes Sukabumi

After being around, it's time to fill the stomach. You can choose to eat at the restaurant afloat. Called floating because the eatery is located on the water and you'll dine on a raft that floats. The menu is largely a typical menu of Sundanese cuisine. Looking at the vast lake, the fish and the natural scenery around, it would make your appetite increase. Not to mention blowing breeze which is cool. After you enjoy a variety of exciting tours on Lake Lido, you can also buy a variety of interesting souvenirs sold by locals in this tourist area.

Air Sports

You can also enjoy the air in here sports facilities managed by the Aero Club Lido. You can enjoy air sports such as skydiving, aeromodeling, paramotor (a parachute with a motor), paragliding, and swayasa. In addition there is 850 meters long runway suitable for landing small aircraft and training aircraft.

Lido Lakes Hotel

If you want to spend the night here, you can spend the night at Lido Lakes Hotel. Five-star hotels and resorts that have been established since 1935 provides various faslitas to pamper guests, such as a swimming pool which kids love. Other facilities are fairly comprehensive outbound facilities and golf courses. You can ride the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), which resembles a large motor for a walk around the protected forest.

With a large and comfortable rooms, the hotel is also often a destination for corporate outings. So, if you only have little time for a vacation, you can try visiting this place because there is much beauty you can get along with your beloved family.

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Selecta, Batu Malang

Ordinary cold air blanketed the city of Malang and surrounding areas, including in the town of Batu. This is the major attraction for tourists both domestic and foreign tourists. This place can be an oasis, especially for visitors who live in big cities full of pollution. Here, you can enjoy the fresh air to meet your lungs. As an addition to the refreshing pleasure, you can enjoy the panoramic beauty of nature.

One of the places visited are common sights Selecta. The strategic location with good infrastructure already gives customers the ability to arrive at this place. Selecta sights surrounded by mountains so that the atmosphere really feels natural. Various facilities are available to you and the kids, make this place fit into family attractions.

Selecta Park

Selecta, in this place, you can view a large aquarium with a variety of fish exist in it as the first thing that will be enjoyed before the other interesting things to be found in these places. Entering Selecta recreation, you'll be treated to a beautiful natural panorama. This recreation area is made to resemble the park with flowers, colorful a very interesting subject. Living flowers looks fresh and more broke than you normally might see in urban areas, probably because the air that supports the development of these flowers. There is also a patron of green trees so that the atmosphere of the garden fresh. This park is neatly organized and supported by elements of the park, such as rocks, a path or a fish pond where garden look more beautiful.

Games at Selecta

Various games such as water bicycles, horse riding or driving mini games that can be done with your child. For those of you who want to linger here, available hotels for lodging. Friendly service and clean hotel along a variety of amenities will make you feel comfortable. In the morning, you can exercise by jogging in the area.

This place has long been known for Selecta have become tourist attractions since the 1930s, since I was a Dutch colonial rule. His experience as a tourist spot does not necessarily make managers complacent, because the manager trying to continually improve this site to keep it interesting to visit and be able to become the tourist attraction that gives comfort to all visitors. Selecta is one of the major tourist attractions can be visited while in Batu, Malang.

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Mekarsari Park

If you are a lover of growing plants and planning a vacation, you try to come visit Mekarsari Fruit Garden. Resort located on Highway 03 KM Cileungsi this is the largest fruit garden in Indonesia and there are various collections of plants that have fruit in the Fruit Garden dunia.Tiket in this Mekarsari Rp. 10,000 / person and tickets for the car as much as Rp. 5000 and Rp motorcycle. 3000. So, at a cost that is not too expensive, you can go into the garden area of 265 hectares of fruit this.
You can see see the collection of plants here by riding the train around by buying a ticket is Rp. 10,000. However, you must be patient if there is a long queue. While on his way to see the see the collection of plant collection, you will not wonder about the benefits of plants that you see, because there is a description of the tour guide who will give information about the uniqueness of the fruit from these plants.
Once you got off the train around, you'll see the outbound area. So, for you who like adrenaline, this area should you try. In addition to these outbound area, there is also a lake where you and your family can enjoy sailing or rowing boat. For those of you who want to enjoy the atmosphere with a partner, you can rent a duck. So the atmosphere will not feel romantic?
There is also a suspension bridge above the lake. You and your friends can take pictures of this bridge above the background that you rarely find in Jakarta. When he arrived at lunchtime there is also a food store that can store your messages, while enjoying the food under the tree with the base mat and berlesehan.
After you are satisfied with enjoying all of this, you can board the train again for the return tour to where you board the train early. Before you leave, you can buy souvenirs as by the by. And before you leave the fruit garden was built on the initiative of late. Ibu Tien Soeharto, the sempatkan a minute to enter the area "Garden Paradiso". This place sells bonsai collection and sold at affordable prices. So, for you who like to plant, try to enjoy your vacation by visiting Mekarsari Fruit Garden.

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White Crater

When you're visiting the city of Bandung, try also visit to Ciwidey. There we will find interesting sights of the White Crater. There are many things that we can get, for example in Ciwidey, there are many strawberry garden. In fact, we can pick their own strawberries and buy it. On the way to the crater, we will pass the interesting objects such as old railroad tracks, yellowing rice fields, tea gardens and pine forests. A decent place for our visit.

The crater is located on Mount Patuha white, a high mountain in West Java. Altitude of this mountain is 2386 meters. The crater of Mount Patuha is used as an attractive tourist object with a crater of White.

After parking our vehicle, we had to descend stairs in order to be closer to the crater of this mountain. Our hearts will immediately chuckled amazed to see the whole of this place from the steps above. In these places, we can indeed be closely located in the crater we could even touch the water.

When we go down, incredible scenery will see in the crater. White soil which consists of sulfur is the reason why the crater is called the White Crater. Truly unique taste saw this white land. Uneven ground surface as well so as to resemble the mounds the ground. Craters greenish water also attracts attention. All around, there are mountains that some of it is dry but there is also the still green trees.

We can be a bit up the surrounding mountains. In this mountain we will find dry trees and many branches of the trees that fell with small stones. We can also see the crater from above.

Sufficiently large craters here. Water color can vary depending on the sunlight. The smoke arising from sulfur water sometimes blocking our view. The water also caused the smell of sulfur. When the wind is blowing, the smell of sulfur can pierce our noses and make us cough. So, there are several points on this crater is not fitted with a warning to avoid getting too close to the sulfur smoke poisoning.

This crater is going to give us a different experience. We like being in the snow because the ground is white. Large craters and bluish-green water that makes us as if were on the beach. The trees are mostly only the stems are dry and participate in creating a different atmosphere. Here too there are big stones are beautiful. The beauty is what makes this place became a favorite place for prospective brides to make photo prewedding.

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Umang Island

Want to vacation on the island of white sand and comfortable? Umang Island may be one option. The island is located south Ujungkulon, Banten. To reach this island you have to catch the boat that has been provided. This boat trip is only about 5 minutes because of the distance which was not far away. The island presents things interesting for our vacation.

Looking down the pier to the island, we will see the white sand and blue sea. A beautiful beach scene, so this place can also be used in photo prewedding. When he reached the lobby, you'll immediately be greeted with a welcome drink of juice and fresh wet towel. Very refreshing after a trip that should take about 5 hours from Jakarta. Manager also provides transportation from Jakarta when we are reluctant to use their own vehicle.

On the island there are resorts or villas. Suite very comfortable place to sleep. Each villa is divided into 2 equal to the door as a liaison. The living room has a sofa which allows us to better enjoy the time together in this room. Rustic bathroom, with ornaments of clay memorable experience. On the top floor, there is a bed that is very romantic with the top of the glass, so that we can look at the stars at night.

This island is not large, only a 5-hectare, but the facilities are complete enough for the water and loved to play sports, you could play jet skis, banana boats or snorkelling. There is also a swimming pool adjacent to the beach, while swimming so we can enjoy the beautiful beach. Finished swimming, available Jacuzzi to massage the aching body. When you're happy to idle, there is also a spa package, where we can enjoy an aromatherapy massage accompanied by the sound waves.

Waters in this island there is still a lot of fish. Near the pier, we can see a group of fish collection. This can be a place for you to have a hobby of fishing. For children, there are also various games for children like swings, trombolin, etc..

We can also relax in the gazebo located in front of each place we stay suites and were right on the beach. The ideal place to enjoy the sunrise or sunset. As a romantic dinner you can get if you want to eat on the beach as he heard the sound of the waves. Or it could be in the cafe while listening to the strains of the singer sung the song.

Umang island near, there Oar Island. The island is not very manageable and still very natural. Various types of shellfish are still many in this place. To go to this place, we can use a fishing boat provided by Umang Island.

As a gift or a souvenir, there are also shops selling various souvenirs in the form of t-shirts or hats bearing the Umang Island. There is also a display of shells and key rings. The price offered is not too expensive, so it will drain our pockets.

Umang Island is the place to honeymoon, vacation or a family outing. It's just the way to this island still feels uncomfortable. In addition to the far distance, to cross the road winding and up and down. The streets are still deserted, and only for 2 vehicles. So you have to be careful on his way.

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Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is one tourist destination in East Java. Natural tourist attractions are located in Taman Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in the eastern city of Malang, East Java. The crowd was not only local tourists, even many who come from abroad. With a typical scene makes Bromo proper destination. What are the privileges of Mount Bromo?

Cold, so you'll feel when you first get out of the car. The temperature here reached 10 degrees and even up to 0 degrees Celsius during the morning. So, you should prepare for cool clothes, hats skullcaps, gloves, socks, scarves to overcome. But, if you forget the equipment, there are many vendors offering wares of hats, gloves, or scarves.

Bromo Sunrise view from Pananjakan
Regular visitors visiting this area since the early days with the aim of seeing the rising sun. To see it, you have to climb Mount Pananjakan which is the highest mountain in the region. Field to go through to get to Mount Pananjakan a heavy field. To get to the foot of Mount Pananjakan, you have to go through a desert-like area that can make you get lost. We had to climb Mount Pananjakan, narrow streets and lots of tight curves necessarily require a high driving skills. For that, many visitors who choose to rent a car hardtop (jeep type) driven by the community around. Communities around the Tengger tribe comes from a friendly with the visitors.

Up above, there are many shops serving coffee or hot tea and a fire to warm while waiting for the time tebitnya the sun. There are also stores that rent warm clothes. Watching the sunrise is an interesting event. The proof, the visitors would have waited since 5 o'clock in the morning facing the east so as not to lose this moment. You were not always able to see this event, because if the cloudy sky, the appearance of the sun is not seen clearly. However, when the sky is clear, you can see the sun spots in the first place only as small as a match pins, slowly enlarge and eventually form a complete sphere and provide information so that we can see the mountains scenery in this area. Among others, Mount Bromo, Mount Batok, or Mount Sumeru which is the highest mountain in Java.

Ocean Sand crater and Bromo
Finished watching the sunrise, you can go back down the mountain toward Pananjakan and Mount Bromo. Sunlight can make you see the scenery around. Apparently you go through the vast sea of sand which reaches 10 km ². Arid areas filled with sand and covered only a little grass is dry. Gust of wind, making the sand fly and can be difficult for you to breathe.

To reach the foot of Mount Bromo, you can not use the vehicle. Instead, you must hire a horse at a price of Rp 70.000, - or if you feel strong, you can choose to walk. But, it is worth noting that walking was not easy, because the hot sun, long distance, the flying dust can make the journey even more severe.

Now, you have to climb the stairs that amounted to 250 steps to see the crater of Mount Bromo. Arriving at the top of the high Bromo 2392 m above sea level, you can see the crater of Mount Bromo smoke. You can also cast your eyes down, and sea sand with terlihatlah temple in the middle. Really incredibly rare and unusual that we can enjoy.

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